ShopLK Gift Card FAQs

Do ShopLK gift cards ordered online have to be posted out or can they be collected at the ShopLK office? 

When you purchase online, you can choose either the Click and Collect or Postal option. Our Click and Collect service allows you to purchase gift cards online and collect them at either the ShopLK office or our concession at Bookmark in the Courtyard Shopping Centre. 
For Click & Collect you will be sent a code consisting of letters and numbers.  You will need this to redeem your card.
Please allow 24 hours from the time of your order before collection. Click and Collect purchases require collection within twelve months of the purchase date. 

How much value can I put onto a ShopLK gift card? 

Our minimum load per card is €5. The maximum load on a single card when bought in person is €1000. ID will be required for large values of transactions and information will be required at time of purchase.

For large value corporate orders please contact 074 9124866  or email info@letterkennychamber.com

Can I "Top Up" my Card

ShopLK Gift Cards are single load only, they cannot be topped up or reloaded. 

Can ShopLK gift cards be redeemed anywhere in Letterkenny? 

ShopLK Gift Cards can be used in over 200 outlets in Letterkenny. A list is included with the card on purchase or go to our directory page for more information. 

Do all Gift Cards need Activating Before they can be Used?

Only cards purchased online need to be activated (this is a security measure). Gift Cards can be activated by using a touchtone phone on 0844 77 44 277, choosing option 2 and following the activation instructions.  You will need to use the 6 digit activation number sent to the registered email address at time of order completion. The activation code is sent to the purchaser of the card and should be passed on to the recipient. 

All other cards purchased in person are ready to use. 

How Can I Check my Balance ?

There are a number of different ways you can check the balance on a card: 

Go to www.emlretail.com and type in the number on the back of the card. It will also ask for the security code on the top of the card. 

Scan the QR code

How can I check when my Gift Card Expires?

The expiry date of the Gift Card can be found on the recipient receipt given with the card at time of purchase. It can also be confirmed by visiting either the ShopLK office or the Bookmark kiosk. 

Can I use my Gift Card for online transactions?

Unfortunately, ShopLK gift cards can only be used during face to face transactions at our member retailers. 

I have been given more than one Gift Card and want to spend them in one transaction? 

Most retailers will be able to process multiple cards in single transactions, please inform the cashier at the time of purchase. 

We can also combine multiple Gift Cards into one card at the Letterkenny Chamber office or at The Bookmark kiosk. There is a charge of €5 for this service.

I have a refund on my card, how long will it take to be applied to the gift card balance?

Most refunds take 2-3 business days to be applied to the balance of the Gift Card, depending on the retailers banking system, but can in some cases take longer. We regret that we have no influence over the speed of retailers banking systems.

Do I need to keep my ShopLK gift card in case of purchase refunds?

Yes!  Many outlets will only refund back onto the ShopLK gift card that was used for the purchase. Each outlet will have its own policy but some may give the customer a credit note if they no longer have the ShopLK gift card.

Please do not give the card to the outlet to dispose of it. 

What happens if I lose my ShopLK card?

We highly advise you to treat ShopLK gift cards like cash, however in the case of missing/stolen cards, we may be able to cancel the card for you and place any remaining funds onto a new card. To do this, we would need the receipt containing the sales ID or card number to identify the card. There is a charge of €5.95 for this service. 

Please treat your ShopLK Gift Card like cash.

Can I buy a ShopLK gift card using a One4All voucher?

No, ShopLK gift cards cannot be purchased using another gift card of any type.

Can I buy a ShopLK gift card using a ShopLK gift card?

No, unfortunately, ShopLK gift cards cannot be purchased using another gift card.

Can I split a ShopLK gift card into multiple cards?

No, unfortunately, the value on ShopLK gift cards can not be split onto multiple cards.

I have purchased a ShopLK gift card but would now like a refund. Is this possible?

Only ShopLK gift cards purchased online will be eligible for a refund, if claimed within 14 days of purchase. 

How would you suggest I look after my card?

One you receive the card, we would advise you to take a photo of the back of the card and receipt. Keep it in a safe place at all times. Treat your ShopLK Gift Card as cash.

How long is my card valid for?

ShopLK gift cards are valid for 5 years from the date of purchase/activation. Please note a €2 fee will be deducted each month from the card balance, starting on the day after the 12 month anniversary of when the card was purchased.

I ordered a card online but have yet to receive it?

ShopLK gift cards are sent via post. At busy times it can take up to 10 days. If you need a card quickly choose the click & collect option or call instore.