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Parking In Letterkenny

On Street Parking 

On-street parking bays can be found throughout the town centre area.
These are clearly identified and operate between the hours of 9am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday. 
Vehicles are allowed one stay of up to 30 minutes free per day 

You do not need to purchase a ticket for this 30 minutes and the free parking starts as soon as you leave the car.
The maximum stay in these bays is 2 hours but a ticket must be purchased after the first 30 minutes.

In the Main Street area a number of parking bays are designated as loading bays and operate as such until 10.30am each day.

Pay & Display Car Parks

There are a number of public car parks close to the town centre. These operate from 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday inclusive. 

Purchase a ticket from the nearest Pay and Display Machine located in the Car Park in which you are parking and display it on the dashboard of your car face up so the time and date is visible.

All Pay and Display Machines will accept payment by coinage and do not give change.

Accessible Parking Bays (Permit Holders only) 

In all areas where parking is available there are designated accessible parking bays. These are for use by Permit Holders Only.
A fine of €150 applies if used by a non permit holder. 
Please remember not all disabilities are visible. 

30 Minutes FREE on street parking (no ticket required) 

Main Street, Church Lane, Port Road, Oliver Plunkett Road, Old Town, High Road