ShopLK wishes everyone a Happy and successful year

Date Added: 03-01-2017

ShopLK and Letterkenny Chamber of Commerce would like to take this opportunity to wish all their ShopLK customers and all the participating outlets a very Happy New Year. 

This has been a bit of a bumpy ride this year with all the uncertainty after the Brexit Vote, the resulting exchange rate drop and then the result of the Presidential Election in November. However thankfully the exchange rate drop, although dramatic and unprecendented was not sustained at the initial level. We have no doubt that it will have had an effect on trade in Quarter 4 but many of our businesses have been around long enough to deal wiht the volatility of the exchange rate markets and we are sure retailers, and those in the tourist trade have made or are making contingency plans in light of the new rates. All we can do is plan and hope for a less unpredictable 2017.  

On a positive note we had a fantastic Christmas season in terms of ShopLK Gift Cards with sales up over 40% on the same period last year. As many people know lots of the gift cards are bought as a business bonus but this year in our last week before closing we had an amazing amount of the general public buying as presents. In fact there were queues right out the door. 

The Gift Cards have been a huge success thanks in no smal way to all the support we get from the Letterkenny Business Community. It's a fantastic scheme and we hope 2017 will be even bigger and better. 

Love Shopping Letterkenny

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